Three Trends of Intelligent Terminal Distribution Industry and Technology Development


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's power distribution industry, designers not only need to strictly abide by the engineering standards, but also constantly deepen their understanding and mastery of the new trends of intelligent equipment and technology, so as to ensure that they can meet the increasingly stringent needs of customers while providing products with guaranteed quality. According to my more than 20 years of professional design experience in the power distribution industry, only when the intelligent terminal power distribution system has made breakthroughs in safety, diversity and innovation can it become a benchmark product in the industry and lead the future development direction of the power distribution industry.
First of all, the development of terminal power distribution system needs to solve the contradiction between simple, efficient and safe and reliable. The terminal power distribution industry must provide reliable quality assurance, which is also an important determining factor in our product selection. "Reliable quality" generally contains two connotations: one is that the function of the product meets or even exceeds the customer's expectations; the other is that the product has a low failure rate and a low repair rate.
At present, some domestic advanced manufacturers such as Schneider Electric in this area of technological breakthroughs, will lead the development of the industry. For example, around the safe and reliable development ideas, Schneider Electric developed Acti9 full series of products with fault tripping indication window, when the equipment tripping caused by failure, this window will give a red indication, customers do not need additional investment, you can achieve rapid identification of failures, improve the efficiency of maintenance.
On the basis of safety and reliability, the original complex commercial buildings and industrial facilities of the terminal power distribution system becomes simple and efficient, design and operation more humane, is the best product development model. Schneider Electric's fast wiring system, 18mm leakage circuit breaker, intuitive product code, clear product labeling and other functions enable users to quickly master operation and maintenance, save design and installation time, and realize unique advantages such as less downtime, better power supply continuity, unattended automatic operation, better readability, and openness to any PLC and BMS system.
Secondly, the development of terminal power distribution system needs to solve the contradiction between product diversity and system compatibility. The Multi9 series of products introduced by Schneider Electric in the early 21st century can be called a complete series of products in the terminal power distribution industry, ranging from circuit breakers, leakage, surge protectors to distribution boxes, industrial sockets, various current levels, various tripping curves and various material choices, helping customers to improve the performance of terminal power distribution systems and meet the different needs of vertical upstream and downstream industries.
In addition to meeting customer demand for product diversity, Schneider Electric also focuses on the concept of systems and solutions. Based on the concept of Acti9's total solution, Schneider Electric has successfully established a perfect coordination between Acti9's products. Taking the coordinated work of circuit breaker and leakage switch as an example, if the circuit breaker and leakage switch are used together, it is necessary to ensure that the circuit breaker protects the leakage switch from being damaged by overload or short-circuit fault of the line. However, we have been lacking relevant technical data to confirm the reliability of this protection. Schneider Electric Acti9 provides a detailed technical coordination table for the first time, and promises that when the leakage switch is used in conjunction with the circuit breaker, the leakage switch's tolerance to impulse current reaches the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker used in conjunction. This provides a reliable technical basis for our design work.
After that, the development of the terminal power distribution system needs to be integrated into the concept of breakthrough innovation, which should not be limited to the development of innovative functions of individual products. In fact, the concept of "communication" has begun to be introduced into the product range by Schneider Electric. Communication is like a neural network of a control system, and only the distribution of communication functions can be called an "intelligent system" in the true sense ".
Recently, Schneider Electric launched the fifth generation of intelligent terminal power distribution system Acti9, the first time in the field of terminal power distribution to achieve the function of communication. Through the communication interface, on the screen of the PLC or building management system, the user can see the status of the circuit breaker and receive the alarm signal. The PLC or building management system can even remotely control the connection and disconnection of the circuit breaker according to the program. This will help us realize the intelligent control of the terminal power distribution system, achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection, and will greatly improve the user's ability to maintain and manage the terminal.
The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period will be a critical period for my country to transform its power development mode, and it will also promote major innovations in power technology. Flexible, reliable, agile and intelligent will gradually dominate the development direction of the future power distribution equipment market. How to better comply with the development trend of the times, and more appropriately meet the needs of distribution system design, will become the key to determine the success or failure of major power distribution manufacturers, Schneider intelligent terminal power distribution system concept will become another milestone in the development of terminal electrical.

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